Prices for NHS Dental Treatments

Young people (under 26 years old) and adults exempt from charges – No Charge


Adults (26 years old +)

Check up
Check up and two routine x-rays
Check up, enhanaced preventative advice and preventative treatments
Emergency assessment and some emergency treatments
Re-cement of crown
Checkup, oral hygiene and one session of deep gum treatment
Review of gum health
Checkup, preventive advice, two small x-rays, obe tooth extraction and large metal filling on on back tooth
Emergency appointment and one tooth extraction
Check up, 2 mall x-rays root canal treatment and crown
£255.24 - £384
Check up and full set of upper and lower dentures with special trays
£344.32 - £384
Denture repair
Check up, one small x-ray, one tooth extraction and fit of a single tooth denture
Check up, one small x-ray, study ,odels (casts of teeth), and three tooth bridge
Maximum patient charge for one course of treatment

NHS prices have been calculated to include charges for any associated items such as special trays, particular tooth, composite supplement, number of units etc

Private Fees

New Patient Examination
Recall Examination
£6 per x-ray
Hygiene appointment
from £65
Amalgam fillings
from £55
Composite (white) fillings
from £95
Root canal treatment (depending on complexity)
from £225 - £545
Simple Extraction
from £55
Complex Extraction
from £89


Ceramic (VITA)
Empress CAD
EMAX (High strength ceramic)
TESSARA (High strength glass ceramic)
Porcelain Bonded Crown
EMAX /Zirconia
£400 per unit
Chrome Dentures
From £795
Full Upper and Full Lower Dentures
From £895
Full Upper OR Lower Denture
From £595
Upper OR Lower Partial Dentures
From £395


Implant assessment and planning
CBCT scan
Extraction and site preparation
Placement per titanium implant
Titanium abutment and crown
Locator for implant retained denture
£275/ locator
1 Implant + Crown
From £1995
Implant Retained Denture (Lower 2 Implants + Full Upper and Lower Denture)
From £4500
Bone graft
From £395
Gum Shield/Mouth Guard
From £110
Orthodontic vacuum form retainers
SCI Appliance
Teeth Whitening
Occlusal splints
From £95
Consultation and predictive set up
Aligner treatment (estimate provided after consultation)
From £2500